Seafarers are a category of workers for whom both tradition and health regulations have considered as a major special attention category. This is in relation to the specific risks of their work, and for the fact that the ship, besides representing the working place, can often become a living environment for prolonged times. This may result in a temporal extension of the working exposures.

The CIRM SERVIZI Srl, Service Company owned by the Foundation Centro Internazionale Radio Medico (C.I.R.M.) has developed several services to provide a valuable tool for Maritime, Energy, Mining & Offshore Industry as well as for ship owners to meet the new guidelines laid down in the MLC 2006 as well as to guarantee a personalized and precision medicine approach to guarantee the best care to seafarers on board ships in case of accidents of diseases on board.

CIRM SERVIZI have developed a software named TELE-MEDICINE - VESSEL (TMV) dedicated to standardizing maritime telemedical consultations by allowing the end-user to enter data requested for medical consultation under adequate form.

The form, once duly filled, shall be sent to CIRM SERVIZI platform for prompt perusal. CIRM SERVIZI shall be in position to request additional medical examinations to be performed on board thanks to the use of telemedical devices present on board and detailed below. Data extracted from TMV shall be immediately transferred to CIRM SERVIZI for quick delivery of maritime telemedical assistance.

Diagnosis issued by CIRM SERVIZI shall be more accurate given information available through medical examination performed on board thanks to TMV and shall offer better treatment solutions for seafarers, passengers, and other people on board.

Ships subscribing the CIRM SERVIZI Premium service are entitled to a personalized service consisting in

  1. Dedicated team of doctors with knowledge of the vessel types, procedures for medical assistance at sea, working times on board. This to make the service really personalized for single patients that we consider not numbers, but persons.
  2. Dedicated telephone number.
  3. Personalized access to the TMV software.
  4. Dedicated and personalized email address to quickly reach the team of doctors on duty if necessary.
  5. Unlimited number of calls for medical advice.
  6. Follow-up from CIRM SERVIZI till a case is solved/closed.
  7. Provision of the list of enhanced medical chest requirements.
  8. Dedicated contacts for health emergencies discussions.

On accessing this platform, the ship will receive a dedicated and personalized medical assistance allowing quicker solution of medical issues.